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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense

will sing
The simple future tense is often called will, because we make the simple future tense with the modal auxiliary will.

How do we make the Simple Future Tense?

The structure of the simple future tense is:

subject+auxiliary verb WILL+main verb
For negative sentences in the simple future tense, we insert not between the auxiliary verb and main verb. For question sentences, we exchange the subject and auxiliary verb. Look at these example sentences with the simple future tense:
subjectauxiliary verbmain verb
+Iwillopenthe door.
+Youwillfinishbefore me.
-Shewillnotbeat school tomorrow.
?Willyouarriveon time?
When we use the simple future tense in speaking, we often contract the subject and auxiliary verb:
I willI'll
you willyou'll
he will
she will
it will
we willwe'll
they willthey'll
For negative sentences in the simple future tense, we contract with won't, like this:
I will notI won't
you will notyou won't
he will not
she will not
it will not
he won't
she won't
it won't
we will notwe won't
they will notthey won't

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